Know the Artists

Essence of the ART  by Yui and Bow

Bow (The  Artist)

I am a former interior designer and have been back in Thailand since 2005. My paintings are inspired by the nature I've seen in California and New York. I have done several paintings and artworks for private and public consumption. 

Yui Kinney (The  Artist)
I am a self-taught artist from Pittsford, New York, and a member of the Rochester ART Club and the Penfield Art Association. Yui grew up in a lovely country with a fascinating culture and a rich artistic tradition. These have been present in her dreams since she was young and have seeped into her very being. As a result, I imagine myself painting and creating art with peace and contentment. 

Wild animals, whether from nature or Soul art, are my favorite subjects for paintings and drawings. Every single life is unique and extraordinary. Before beginning each piece, she searches for the unique quality she hopes to see in the finished product and focuses on achieving it. The challenge of capturing the personalities and spirits of the models she photographs keeps her going. "Every time someone shows off my work, it brings a smile to my face and fills my heart with joy.” I'd like to thank all my customers, friends, and families for continuing to make it possible for me to pursue my dream.

Penfield Art Association Spring Show 2019: Juror Award.
Penfield Art Association Legacy Fall Show 2019: Popular Award.
Penfield Art Association Barnes & Noble Winter Show 2019 : Merit Award.
Rochester Art Club : FALL SHOW 2020 : Merit Award
Penfield Art Association Legacy Fall Show 2021: Resident Award
Penfield Art Association Spring Show 2022: Juror Award , Merit Award

With Essence of the Heart, I create personal artwork upon request for people worldwide.

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